Watch the captivating video of Cindy Mezziah’s ‘Aseda’ song

“Aseda” is a song by gospel artist Cindy Mezziah, expressing exaltation, adulation, and commendation towards God for His grace and mercies. The song showcases Cindy’s singing prowess and praises God for the gift of life and various blessings. It emphasizes the holiness and honor of God, urging Christians to be thankful for His favor. The song also highlights the significance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. The spiritually uplifting song was released on Cindy Mezziah’s official YouTube Channel and other streaming platforms in late July. The video showcases Cindy’s passion and zeal as she sings about the greatness of God as the ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Everlasting One,’ emphasizing the importance of praising and thanking the Lord continually.

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