Dilemma of Modern-Day Christian Youth

Ghanaian Gospel Musician Cindy Mezziah expressed deep concern over the neglect of young people in today’s church. She believes that the church has failed to raise dedicated Christian youth, as many contemporary youngsters appear to live without adhering to Christian values while still claiming holiness. Cindy Mezziah criticized the church for focusing more on preaching, fundraising, and showmanship, neglecting the essential task of training young people in Christian values.

In an exclusive interview, she emphasized the need to make the church more engaging and appealing to young people. Cindy Mezziah urged the church to demonstrate that following Jesus is about building a relationship with Him rather than merely following rules. She encouraged the church to create a welcoming environment where young people can feel comfortable, ask questions, and learn principles from scriptures to live exemplary lives.

Cindy Mezziah expressed hope that the church can change its ways and prioritize the needs of young people. She believes that by embracing and guiding them in living a Christ-centered life, the church can make a positive difference and retain the youth within the church community. She also acknowledged the importance of following the biblical principle of training children in the right way to ensure they continue on the right path as they grow older.

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